(#1) What. Is. Gooood?

What up y’all. Thank you for coming to the website, and more specifically, checking out the blog. I’m really stoked for this. This whole Life Enchanted thing started as a fantasy thought in my head a couple years back, something I never thought I’d actually pursue or dive into, mostly because of fear.

I hate fear; I’ve slowly learned it’s the root cause of a lot of the things I struggle with (and the world struggles with as well), and I’m tired of it gripping me. Its amorphous presence constantly hinders me from making myself better. And now that I am aware of it, I can take steps in overcoming it.

Take a second right now and try to identify something in your life that you aren’t pursuing, participating in, or whatever… because of fear. Then ask yourself, what are you truly fearful of related to this? What’s the worst that can happen? Doing this exercise will most likely make you feel stupid, because you’ll realize how stupid your fear is…. you’ll probably end up with: “I fear what people will think about me” and “I don’t want to fail” - NEWS FLASH - failure is the biggest component of success, yo. There is no success without failure. Think about it. And who cares what people will think about you. We pursue things, participate in things, and explore things FOR OURSELVES, and no one else. Sure, what you do may have a residual impact on others (i.e. a podcast), but you do it for yourself. Period.

When I was able to embrace exactly what I just wrote, I stopped playin’ and recorded my first podcast; and once that first one was done, there was zero fear left in me in regards to my pursuit. I was ready to rock, I just needed to show myself I had the courage to step through that door! Now here I am with a website and a blog, I just hit 5k downloads on the podcast, and I’ve been able to have numerous conversations with awesome people about tons of interesting stuff. None of this would be occurring if I wasn’t able to conquer my ridiculous fear.

What ridiculous fears are holding you back?

In other news: I hope to be posting to this blog at least once a week. My aim is to fill it with thoughts, concepts, insights, wisdom, revelations, takeaways from articles and books, etc…

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Much love to you all.


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