(#2) The Day After...

What up y’all. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas - full of family, good food, laughter, and love. If you’re reading this, you have a ton to be grateful for. I hope you know that.

As I write this, I can’t help but notice an extreme sense of gratitude that’s surrounded me the past couple of days. Christmas is a special time, where families come together, love and appreciation is shown through the giving of presents, and the story of God sending his Son to save us invades my mind; and as I get older, the more Christmas becomes about just that: Christ being born to save us from condemnation. Those thoughts bring me great hope, joy, and peace. I hope you can experience the same.

It’s a shame however that it takes a special holiday for me to really embrace that revelation. It’s available 365 for me to meditate on. I pray that it invades my mind more and more each day.

My sister-in-law just got back from Semester at Sea (SAS) - for those of you unfamiliar, SAS is basically a study abroad program on steroids. She was on a cruise ship for over 3 months traveling around the world with 600 other people, making various stops in Europe, China, Africa, Japan, India, Hawaii, Vietnam… an experience of a lifetime to say the least. Yesterday we sat with her on the couch as she narrated her trip supplemented with iPhone photos/videos streamed to the Apple TV. As she shared with us her experiences, and as I saw the numerous/diverse faces and cultures that she came in contact with, it shrank my world… in a good way. Meaning that it gave me the much needed perspective of how vast and great our world is, and how small and limited my California-Caucasian-middle-class-male world is. It made my “problems” seem much more insignificant. It took me out of my own head. It brought me wonder, and joy, and appreciation.

How great our God must be that he knows and cherishes EACH individual on this giant planet?

How stupid of me to have anxiety about having anxiety when thousands of kids are dancing daily with giant smiles on their faces in the primitive villages of Africa?

….. thoughts such as these were circling my mind as I observed hundreds of pictures and videos of the beautiful souls that inhabit our Earth.

It’s a shame however that it takes a special circumstance for me to really embrace those revelations. It’s available 365 for me to meditate on. I pray that it invades my mind more and more each day.


I feel like I can keep ranting about this… but I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say and the common thread that weaves through this post. We have access to so much joy, appreciation, goodness, hope, peace, and love - it just takes a perspective and mindset change.

Much love to you all.


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