(#7) RECIPE ALERT (part 1)

I’m not a big fan of eating giant breakfast or lunch meals, they tend to bog me down. Because of this, I’ve messed around and developed some healthy concoctions that provide me with clean fuel while keeping me adequately satiated.

This will be an ongoing series for the blog. Please enjoy.

Yogurt Butter

This is my go-to mid-day work snack. Often consumed between 11:30 - 12PM, it holds me over until I’m ready to stuff my face with an early dinner (intermittent fasting anyone?).


Granola - (preferably organic, grain free, low sugar… I use this one from Costco). Pour a base of granola into a container or bowl.

Yogurt - (preferably organic, preferably made with coconut milk - or choose a whole milk low sugar option, high in saturated fat is a good thing). Cover granola with Yogurt.

Chia Seeds - (preferably organic, I use this one). Sprinkle 1 tbsp on top of the yogurt.

Nut Butter - (preferably organic, low sugar, I switch between this almond butter, this cashew butter, and this combo butter). Put a generous scoop of the nut butter on top of the concoction.

Fruit - (preferably organic, I typically use a combination of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries). Decorate the top of the concoction with the fruit. Try and choose low glycemic variations.

Much love to you all.


Nick Carlile