(#12) Your God is Too Small


If I told you, “your God is too small,” how would would you react? Do me a favor - stop reading and take 30 seconds to contemplate what you’d say back to someone who said that to you…

Alright cool. I’m sure responses similar to, “you obviously don’t know my God” and “how could you say that about the Being who spoke the entire universe into existence?” popped into your head. Understandable. But what if I told you that the statement isn’t addressing the actual size and power of the Creator whom exists, but is instead addressing the actual size and power of the Creator whom exists in your life? Read that bolded sentence again for me, then take another 30 seconds to respond to the original statement from that new perspective. How does it speak to you now?

Here’s what I’m getting at - if you are not constantly in a state of awe, worship, wonder, appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving, prayer, rest, hope, joy, love, humility, and peace, then God is too small in your life… your God is too small. (This book addresses that exact sentiment - I haven’t read it, but the title is what prompted this post).

I know, I know… it’s impossible for us to embody ALL of these characteristics all day every day. I get it. I’m far from being that person, we all are. But our goal during our time here on earth should be to get there… to get to that point where constant awe, reverence, and worship is all-consuming and transforming…where peace, rest, and hope pervade our entire being… where joy, humility, and confidence saturates our soul and shines through us… where we are mature in our Christlikeness.

We are flawed beings and we live in a flawed world. We will never reach spiritual perfection here on earth, and the process of sanctification will never end; however, we can absolutely progress and mature in our relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father, led by the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. The God in our lives will become bigger and bigger and bigger. Progress is the goal. And as you develop, you’ll start to become addicted to the sweet, life-giving taste of the progress, and it will start perpetuating itself. I promise you this.

Some basic, powerful ways to start/enhance your progression:

  1. Scripture - Immerse yourself in it. Memorize it. Dwell on it. Repeat it in your head throughout the day. Study it. Listen to sermons about it. Share verses with people. Meditate on it.

  2. Prayer - Talk to God. Thank Him. Ask Him. Seek Him. Communicate with Him as you go throughout your day. Pray with your spouse and loved ones. Be vulnerable with them and God. Confess your struggles. Ask and receive forgiveness.

  3. Solitude - Spend time alone with God. Rest in Him. Go on a hike. Go on a 10 minute walk. Sit under the stars for 20 minutes after your kids go to bed. Pay attention to your thoughts. Ask God to speak to you… to reveal things to you. Stand in awe of His creation and beauty. Let His peace cover you. Breathe deeply in Him.

There’s so much more that will support your progression, but these three practices will help the “Your God is too small” statement become less and less relevant in your life.

Much love to you all.


Nick Carlile